A Guide to Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Not many places see more action on a daily basis than your standard commercial carpets. They can be found anywhere from office buildings to hospitals, which means there are a variety of different ways in which these carpets can get dirty. Between the hundreds of feet that walk across them every day, it’s not a surprise that sooner rather than later you’ll need to clean them. Making sure that your carpet gets the necessary care is essential to its durability and longevity.

This is why, to ensure that your commercial carpet maintains it’s brand new look for as long as possible, we’ve prepared this quick cleaning guide.

Regularly maintain your carpet

Before we get into actual cleaning methods and tips, it’s important to note that you should regularly take care of your carpet to ensure its longevity. Don’t wait around until your carpet is so dirty and worn out that it’s nearly impossible to clean without the help of professional carpet cleaners. Make a habit of cleaning all of your floor coverings. This includes regular deep cleaning, using doormats to help avoid people tracking in dirt from the outside and, of course, weekly vacuuming.

It might be a bit of a hassle to get used to in the beginning, but the quicker you incorporate it into your routine, the longer you’ll be able to maintain the fresh new look of your commercial carpet.

Invest in a good vacuum cleaner

As mentioned above, regular vacuuming is an essential part of maintaining the condition of your carpet. However vacuuming on its own might not be enough if you’re not using a good vacuum cleaner. This is the best way to ensure your carpet is free from dirt and dust, because simply using a broom won’t get the job done most of the time. Dirt tends to get stuck in between the fabric itself, which makes it incredibly difficult to clean if you don’t have a proper vacuum.

However, what exactly does a “good” vacuum cleaner mean? For starters, one of the most important things you should be on the lookout for is a powerful vacuum that can suck up even the tiniest traces of dirt. The more horsepower it has, the better. This will not only allow it to pick up any small debris, but also bigger objects like coins and pins.

Another great option to be on the lookout for is vacuums with water filters. They use water as a filtration system for the dirt they gather. Not only that, but they can also absorb spills too!

Figure out the best carpet cleaning method

Shampooing your carpet

One of the most commonly used methods for cleaning commercial carpets is shampooing. The reason behind its popularity is its simplicity, effectiveness and affordability. You only need a cleaning solution and a brush.

All you have to do is apply the cleaning product to the carpet and then spread it evenly throughout the surface using the brush. After that all you have to do is wait for the carpet to dry off and go over it with a vacuum to pick up any of the remaining dirt. Although this method is extremely easy and cost efficient, one of the downsides is that if you’re dealing with a large surface it might take a while before it’s fully dry.

Make a habit of regularly cleaning your carpet

This includes regular deep cleaning, using doormats to help avoid people tracking in dirt from the outside and, of course, weekly vacuuming.

Dry commercial carpet cleaning

The dry carpet method is another popular choice, mainly because it doesn’t require any drying time. The process involves a special powder which is applied evenly to the carpet and then sprayed with a small amount of water. This creates a chemical reaction which breaks down the dirt and grime stuck in the fibres of the carpet. After applying the mix, all you have to do is give it some time to work its magic and then clean up the debris with your trusty vacuum.

Call professional carpet cleaners

There are plenty of other methods you can use to clean your commercial carpet and all of them depend on its material, location, size etc. However, we understand that regularly cleaning the carpet in your office can be a real hassle. This is why you might want to consider calling in professional carpet cleaners.

Our professionals at CleanExpert have years of experience when it comes to dealing with carpets and will take care of yours in no time. Call us or book a quote and we’ll be at your doorstep in no time. For more information on carpet cleaning services in Halling, please check the link or leave a quote. We are here to help.


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