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Professional Carpet Cleaning Services & Upholstery Cleaning in Halling. Our cleaning is designed with a personal touch. Hire us today as we walk the extra mile in the professional cleaning of your home.

The Process of Cleaning Carpets at Clean Expert in Halling, Kent

Our carpets can have lots of dirt, dust, and germs which is why the team at Clean Expert can ensure that we remove all dust mites while performing our professional carpet cleaning services. We would recommend an annual professional, clean of your carpets plan to keep all your carpets, sofas, and rugs clean and odor-free.

Our professional steam clean, undertaken by our qualified, skilled technicians, will ensure incredible results so that there is not a stain or speck of dust in sight, and 100% of germs and bacteria will be killed. You will be left with cleaning, clean carpets that look brand new. Call us or leave a quote below.

Our Methods of Professional Carpet Cleaning

There are two different methods that we use for deep-cleaning carpets here at Clean Expert – the steam-cleaning method and the dry-cleaning method. 

To determine correctly which of these methods will be used, our qualified carpet cleaning professionals will need to ascertain which type of material your carpet is made from.

To establish this, they will try to locate a loose piece of fabric or cut a very small stand from an inconspicuous space. They will burn the fibers which will give off different smells depending on if the material is natural or synthetic.

Once the type of material has been decided, the technician are going to be confident into deciding which cleaning method to use. The steam clean method is the preferred option because this usually gives the most thorough clean and best results.

Experienced and Certified Technicians in Halling, Kent

All of our technicians have passed training courses and tests in this method. They are trained to provide carpets and upholstery professional services and ensure to remove fast all dirt and dust mites.

It involves using our state-of-the-art machinery and products from the industry leaders – Prochem and Ashbys. 

Our technicians are certified for simply removing odour and dirt, as in the and all of the products we use here at Clean Expert are Eco-Friendly and safe for children, pets and allergy sufferers against all allergens. That is why we get recommended fast. Call us!

Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Process

First of all, for the longevity of the cleaned carpet, we will use a pre-spray that we will use for several seconds to work as it requires time. which is worked into the carpet using our TM3 CRB or Sebo Duo agitation machine to target any stains. The goal is to gain a higher impact as a result of the deep clean.

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Next we use one of our professional cleaning equipment to spray hot water the extraction machines Ashbys Enforcer or Prochem Galaxy depending on the size of the carpet we are cleaning. These machines are extremely effective steam cleaners that can clean using a range of temperatures, suited for many different types of carpets. Our professionals will apply these cleaning techniques for homes and any residential buildings.

After the cleaning has been completed, the carpet can take between 2 and 24 hours to dry (usually the carpets in the worst condition to start with will take the longest but natural carpets also generally take longer to dry than synthetic carpets). We do have turbo dryers that can speed this time up to 30 minutes, for an additional cost – please feel free to contact us for additional information on these. We guarantee the safety of your home and we take pride in the cleaning services we provide!

Professional Carpet Cleaning Company Methods

High temperatures and steam cannot be used on all types of natural carpets as they can damage and discolour them especially if used for long hours. There are many benefits of that cleaning method, but in those cases, where carpets are not suitable, we will advise the dry-cleaning method would be best for your carpet.

If the dry-cleaning method is opted for, a dry powder will be worked into your carpet either by hand or machine, depending on the size of the area being cleaned.

The powder will help for more effective cleaning of pollutants to agitate all the dirt and grime in the carpet. The carpet becomes loose from the strands of fibers. Then, our experts will easily vacuum up all the dirt areas with our powerful, industrial SEBO vacuum cleaner, leaving our customers happy and their homes fresh. With this method, there is no drying time, and the carpet can be used as normal immediately after carpets, furniture or sofa beds get cleaned.

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Spots and Stains Carpet Cleaning Removal Treatment in Halling, Kent, ME2.

As mentioned, we are experts at removing stains from carpets and have removed many stains that include red wine, marker pens, makeup, bodily fluids, sauces, and coffee. 

It is very important that all the stains will be removed from your carpet using the correct products as if they are cleaned with the wrong pH level, this can cause irreversible damage. All of our carpet technicians are also thoroughly trained in removing stains with the use of the correct products. 

 Get Fantastic Carpet Repair Service!

We also offer amazing carpet repair service for any irreversible damage. We would like to advise you that shop-bought carpet cleaning and stain removal products are one of the most common reasons for damaged carpets with burned stains that have no easy fix. 

We would always recommend against using these damaging products. Instead, you can pop up any stains as soon as possible with a clean, white cloth or kitchen towel and never scrub as this can embed the stain deeper into your carpet.

Please give our friendly staff a call today to get booked in for your carpet cleaning or any other cleaning services you might need.


Carpet cleaning Standard Service Expert Service*
Master Bedroom 48 88
Double Bedroom 38 68
Single Bedroom 28 58
Through Lounge 58 98
Living Room 48 88
Dining Room 48 88
1 flight of stairs(7-14 Steps) 38 68
Hallway 28 58
Landing 18 38
Bathroom 18 38
Toilet 14 24
Rug Starts From 35 70
Commercial Carpet Cleaning (price/sq.m) starts from 3 8
Scotchgard Protection starts from ask for price ask for price

Frequently asked questions?

Standard prices start from £49
  • The technician improves the fabric quality by using a special dry chem powder and rubbing it with ad-hoc brushes
  • The powder then removes dirt and most stains. This process takes a little bit of time.
  • After applying the chem, our representatives will remove the product and of course the dirt that came out of the carpet.
  • Then the pro vacuums you eliminate any piece of the powder on the matting
  • Dry Cleaning eliminates 99% of germs and effectively refreshes any carpet or rug.
  • Water is mixed with special detergents and heated in the equipment’s water compartment. Don’t worry the products are child and pet safe
  • The aforementioned mixture is injected under high-pressure directly onto the stained spots into the carpet.
  • The specialist will also apply a chemical that will soften up and degrease the stains even further.
  • Then the professional cleaner will use the machine to extract up to 95% of the moisture back along with all dirt in the matting

We handle emergency cases such as water-damaged properties with priority, so as soon as possible.

It depends on the type of domestic environment and traffic that the carpet is exposed to. Do you have guests come over often? Regardless, the general rule of thumb is once every 3-4 months. 

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