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Clean Expert is one of the best carpet and upholstery cleaning companies in London and Kent, with more than 25 years of experience in rug maintenance. We not only use the latest equipment on the market, but we also work with high-quality, eco-friendly, and non-toxic products that guarantee the best results possible.

Our experienced technicians use well-established methods as well as the latest approved rug and carpet cleaning techniques. The methods vary depending on the fabric of the rug or mat that we are dealing with plus your personal preferences.

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Professional Carpet Cleaning Company In London and Kent

Good quality rugs or floor-coverings, similarly to carpets, require a lot of care. We make it easy to maintain the quality of your rugs with our rug cleaning service. Booking our services is quick and easy, and you can rest assured that you’ll be highly satisfied with the results thanks to our impeccable standards and professional expertise.

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Rug cleaning in London

Rug and carpets come in various forms of fabrics such as cotton, jute, wool, silk, or even synthetic fabrics. Each type of fabric requires a different type of maintenance, and that’s why you need to find an established cleaning company with a vetted team of professionals with great knowledge in rug and carpet cleaning. The good news is, you just did.


Clean Expert offers several rug cleaning techniques depending on the type of your rug.
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Frequently asked questions?

We treat all types of rugs, including, oriental, Persian, modern, antique, and more.

Inspection of your rug to determine the most appropriate treatment.

Pre-Treatment. Applying detergents on a non-visible area to ensure result efficiency.

Cleaning. A powerful cleaning product is sprayed on the rug to remove dirt and stains. After that, we will use a special “shampoo” to wash and clean the matting.

Drying. Doesn’t matter if your rug requires dry or steam cleaning, we will leave it 95% dry before we go.

Post-Inspection. We will inspect the quality of the work before leaving. We strive to provide only top-quality results.

Based on the type of rug you have, we will provide you with bespoke care tips.

We leave your matting 95% dry but we recommend using it again 3-4 hours after cleaning.

Water is mixed with special detergents and heated in the equipment’s water compartment. Don’t worry the products are child and pet safe.

The aforementioned mixture is injected under high-pressure directly onto the stained spots into the carpet.

We will also apply a chemical that will soften up and degrease the stains even further.

We will then use the machine to extract up to 95% of the moisture back along with all dirt in the matting.

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