The Ultimate Guide To Quick Rug Cleaning

Does your area rug or matting need a deep cleaning? You will be surprised to learn how easy it is to thoroughly clean your rug and how simple it is when you follow the ultimate rug cleaning guide we’ve installed for you here.

Area rugs and carpets brighten up a room but they are also objected to a lot of foot traffic, they suffer the most from our pets, and take the hit of various stains such as wine stains, oily stains, etc. Consequently, frequent vacuuming isn’t enough to hold on to clean cover flooring for long. These tips can help you bring back the life of all your floor coverings all while managing to save time!

Rug cleaning doesn’t have to be super difficult and time-consuming, you can easily manage by yourself unless you are dealing with a very delicate fabric such as Wool, Oriental or Persian rug. Forget about all these unnecessary steps of making a schedule and preparing for rug cleaning 2 days ahead.

Honestly, who has the time to do that?! When you see that your matting is getting really dirty grab your tools and do the job like a pro using this useful cleaning guide. On average home rug cleaning takes no more than 20 minutes per room, so let’s dive in. 

Tip1: Put together your cleaning supplies 

Here is a complete list of supplies & products you will need during your quick DIY rug cleaning time. 

Cleaning Supplies: 

  • Bucket – This cleaning bucket is great because you can use it for wet & dry cleaning. So when you decide to sanitize the area beneath the rug as well, you are not going to damage your wooden floor.
  • Soft Bristle Brush – You will definitely need a soft brush to shampoo and deep clean your rug.
  • Rug Brush – Prepare with the right gear and you will clean quicker and more effectively than ever before, that is why we recommend getting a soft brush designed for rug cleaning. To prolong the life of your carpet, use the right brush. Use it more often and you won’t need to deep clean as much.

    We love this one because it has two brush settings for carpets and a rug – light blue for ease and dark blue for aggressive pressure. Depending on how dirty your matting is you can choose which one suits your needs the best. Use the brush before vacuuming to remove dust and debris. 

Water – Check the label on the back of your rug to make sure that water-based solutions are an option for you. 

Here are the codes: 

  • W – Hopefully, this is the sign you will see as these are the easiest materials to tackle because you can apply water-based solutions to the fabric. 
  • WS – This code indicates that you can only apply light solution a.k.a cleaning solvents free of water. 
  • X – Vacuum, and dust only
  • S – Clean only by vacuuming or gentle brushing to remove overall soil.
  • Deep Cleaning Rug Shampoo – It’s recommended that homeowners use carpet shampoo instead of dish soap. Rug shampoos have a unique formula that cleans beyond the surface of the fabric and dives deeply into the area rug. This way if you can’t book professional rug cleaners at least once a year you can thoroughly clean your carpet at home.
  • Essential Oils – Just a few drops of lavender or basil lemon essential oils will keep any residual odour left by your pet at bay. Lavender drops mixed together with lemon basil are your perfect solution to eliminate smells and refresh your fabrics just in time for this spring. 

Tip2: Vacuum Rugs 

Before vacuuming use the rug brush to remove dust and debris on corners that the vacuum cleaner just can’t handle. In-depth vacuum the fabric of the rug. Use the vacuum cleaner to remove any grim around the rug.

You want to make sure every last bit of dust or dirt is gone when you are done. If you have any hairy pets at home you may want to use a brush to remove their hair before vacuuming. When you start, use the S pattern cleaning method

The S pattern is a simple cleaning technique. You begin from the right corner of the surface, wipe all the way to the left, and then go back down. With the S pattern, you do not smear the dust back on the surface and you clean more efficiently and save time! 

Tip3: Shampoo Your Rug  

Check the label of the rug shampoo before you start and follow the instructions precisely. Avoid mixing it with hot water because if you have a natural fabric rug at home it will get damaged by the temperature.

Tip4: Test the cleaning solution 

Professionals always test cleaning products on a non-visible area of the fabric before applying it to the entire surface. This is truly important as the shampoo might not be best suited for your rug and affect the brightness of its colour.  

Rugs can be dry-cleaned, cleaned using steam, or with specialized carpet cleaners. 

Tip5: Scrub & Wash 

Optimal washing is then when you add a small amount of shampoo to the soft brush instead of applying the detergent to the rug directly. Clean with medium pressure. If you notice that you do not have enough detergent, add more to the soft brush and apply it evenly over the entire carpet.

Aim to clean the high-traffic areas of the carpet really well and make your way through to the rest of the fabric. If you have any stains you might want to pay more attention to them and use a little more pressure when you scrub the dirt parts of the matting. Give the shampoo a little time to remove the bacteria and leave a nice fresh smell. Let the shampoo sit for about 6-7 minutes before rinsing. 

Tip6: Wash with Water 

Rinse the shampoo out of the area rug by taking it outside and using a garden hose to splash it with water. The runoff water will be crystal clear when you remove all of the soap that is left. This is an indication that you are done rinsing. 

Tip7:  Dry & Desiccate

Use fans or if not applicable air-conditioning to dry the carpet. Air-conditioning is not as effective as a fan because it won’t circulate the air as much. Ceiling fans can be useful when it comes to drying out a rug.

At this point, you want to dry the rug as fast as you can. You can even use a wet-dry vacuum if you have it at home to remove residual water. 

Remember to let your rug dry completely before putting it back into your living room, bedroom, or kitchen.  

Tips8: Vacuum cleaner AGAIN 

If you simply don’t have the energy to vacuum your area rug again, please bear in mind this part is not absolutely essential. But in addition to loosening up the fibbers and texture of the rug the vacuuming helps to bring back that soft feel of the rug. You are now done in under 30 minutes! Congratulations you can now clean a rug quickly and efficiently. 

Did you notice any stubborn stains or dirt that are still there after cleaning the area rug? This means that you need to contact a professional rug cleaning company to take care of the job. 


  • George Kosev

    George Kossev is a highly experienced and dedicated carpet cleaning specialist with over 15 years of expertise in providing top-quality carpet care solutions. As the owner of Clean Expert, George has built a reputation for excellence, reliability, and unparalleled customer service in the carpet cleaning industry.