How can water damage affect your home

If you happen to notice water damage in your home you might initially ignore it, thinking it’s only water, right? Wrong. If left untreated, water damage can cause a number of serious issues for you and your house including stains, mold and structural damage. 

Water damage can have numerous different causes. Whether it’s a leaky pipe, an overflowing bath or flooding due to bad weather, it’s important to act quickly once you notice it. Water damage repairs can be expensive if you don’t know how to spot the initial signs. In this article we’ll go over some of the most common signs and go over the ways in which it can affect your home. 

Initial signs of water damage

Listen and smell for something odd

Even before you get to see it with your eyes, you might be able to catch early signs of water damage with the rest of your senses. Listen for drips of water that aren’t coming from your plumbing system, that should give you a general idea of where the problem might be. Furthermore, surprisingly or not, you can often smell water damage as well. Dampness has a very distinctive odor which in combination with a musky smell could be a sign of mold. 

Dark spots, bubbling and streaks

Perform routine checks of your home and look out for any streaks of water running down the walls or any dark spots. Dark spots are usually a sign that the damage is still fresh and easier to handle, while yellow-ish stains tend to mean the problem is older. Lastly, make sure to immediately address bubbling or peeling paint, as those are signs of moisture inside the wall itself. 


Most of us have encountered mold at least once in our lifetime and we know how annoying it can get. Any amount of water in combination with the right temperature can cause mold to start growing extremely quickly. Once it’s there it can be very difficult to treat. Furthermore, if left untreated mold can spread rapidly and even affect our health

Higher water bills

If you’ve been living in the same home for a while, then you should have a relative estimate of how much you spend on water. A sudden increase in the water bill could be a sign of potential problems. If there aren’t any other explanations for the sudden rise in expenses then it might be time to check your house for any leaks. 

Impact of lasting water damage

After going over the signs you should be on the lookout for, it’s time to consider the damages water damage can cause your home in the long run. Although there are tips and tricks you can use to avoid these situations from happening, if left unattended, you’ll more than likely need to contact a professional water damage company. 

Use your nose and ears to spot early signs of water damage

Even before you get to see it with your eyes, you might be able to catch early signs of water damage with the rest of your senses.

Structural damages

Depending on the amount of water and how long it is left unattended, your home might start suffering from structural damages. Drywall can start peeling, your walls will begin cracking which will eventually force you to repair them. Even solid materials aren’t safe. Concrete and stone, which are usually used for foundations, can also soak up water through their cracks. If the water isn’t removed this can create issues in the building foundation which will eventually weaken the entire structure. 

Health problems 

One of the main issues with water damage is that it does not only affect our homes, but it can negatively impact our own health as well. Longer exposure to mold can cause a variety of health issues, including a stuffy nose, red and itchy skin and eyes, sneezing etc. Furthermore mold produces allergens which can cause serious reactions for people with allergies. Those with asthma can also experience intense reactions. 

Electrical damage and increased water bills

If water gets into your walls then it can easily affect your electrical wiring. Wires, outlets and electrical boxes can all short circuit or become unsafe to use until a professional is there to inspect them. This in return can create a lot of unneeded expenses. Furthermore, when talking about expenses, if the water damage in your home is caused by a faulty pipe, this will eventually lead to a significant rise in your water bill as well. 

Water damage is no joke and should be taken care of as soon as possible. Make sure to keep an eye out and as soon as you notice something, call your local water damage company. If you’re looking for professional water damage repair services, then you’ve come to the right place! Book a quote or directly give us a phone call and our experts will be with you as soon as possible!


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