Harrods is an iconic luxury department store located in Knightsbridge, London, UK. Founded in 1834 by Charles Henry Harrod, it has grown from a small grocery store to one of the most famous retail establishments in the world. Harrods occupies a vast seven-story building, covering 1.1 million square feet of retail space, and offers a wide range of high-end products including fashion, beauty, jewelry, food, and homewares.

Known for its opulent interior and exceptional customer service, Harrods attracts millions of visitors annually. The store features over 330 departments, an elaborate food hall, and several fine dining restaurants. Harrods is also famous for its seasonal Christmas World, a spectacular holiday shopping destination.


Westfield is a prominent chain of shopping centers in the UK, known for its modern and expansive retail environments. The two main Westfield locations in London are Westfield London in White City and Westfield Stratford City in East London.

Westfield London, opened in 2008, is one of the largest shopping centers in Europe. It boasts over 300 stores, including high-end brands, popular high street retailers, and exclusive boutiques. The center also features a wide range of dining options, a cinema complex, and various entertainment facilities, making it a popular destination for shopping and leisure.

Vincent House London

Vincent House is a well-established residential building located in Notting Hill, London, UK. Offering a unique blend of short and long-term accommodations, Vincent House provides a home-like atmosphere with the convenience of hotel services.

Founded in 1953, the property is known for its charming architecture and prime location, just a short walk from the vibrant Portobello Road Market and the beautiful Kensington Gardens. The residence offers 120 fully furnished rooms with modern amenities, including en-suite bathrooms, Wi-Fi, and housekeeping services.

The Lash Queen

The Lash Queen London is a premier beauty salon specializing in eyelash extensions and treatments, located in the heart of London, UK. Known for its high-quality services and exceptional customer care, The Lash Queen London has become a go-to destination for those seeking to enhance their natural beauty with luxurious lash treatments.

The salon offers a wide range of services, including classic, volume, and hybrid lash extensions, as well as lash lifts and tints. Each treatment is tailored to meet the individual needs and preferences of clients, ensuring a personalized and satisfying experience. The skilled technicians at The Lash Queen London are trained in the latest techniques and use premium products to deliver stunning, long-lasting results.

The LEXI Cinema

The Lexi Cinema is a unique and cherished independent cinema located in Kensal Rise, London, UK. Established in 2008, it is renowned for its intimate atmosphere and eclectic film programming, showcasing a mix of mainstream, independent, and foreign films. The cinema is housed in a charming Edwardian building, which adds to its distinctive character and appeal.

What sets The Lexi Cinema apart is its commitment to social impact. It operates as a social enterprise, with all profits going to The Sustainability Institute, an eco-village and educational charity in South Africa. This philanthropic mission makes every visit to The Lexi Cinema a contribution to a greater cause.

The Lexi Cinema also offers a variety of special events, including Q&A sessions with filmmakers, themed screenings, and community-focused activities. 

Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit London is a distinguished culinary establishment in the heart of London, UK, celebrated for its exceptional dining experience and exquisite cuisine. This restaurant offers a sophisticated ambiance, blending modern elegance with a cozy, welcoming atmosphere. Known for its innovative menu, Bon Appetit London features a diverse range of dishes crafted with the finest locally sourced ingredients, emphasizing seasonal flavors and artistic presentation.

The culinary team at Bon Appetit London, led by acclaimed chefs, prides itself on delivering both classic and contemporary dishes that cater to a variety of palates. The menu includes a selection of appetizers, main courses, and desserts, each thoughtfully paired with a curated wine list to enhance the dining experience.

PYNDAR – beyond facilities

Pyndar Beyond Facilities is a premier provider of luxury property management and concierge services in London, UK. Specializing in offering bespoke solutions for high-end residential and commercial properties, Pyndar Beyond Facilities is dedicated to enhancing the living and working environments of its discerning clients.

Their comprehensive range of services includes property maintenance, security, housekeeping, and personalized concierge services. With a focus on excellence and attention to detail, Pyndar Beyond Facilities ensures that every aspect of property management is handled with the utmost professionalism and care. They cater to a clientele that demands the highest standards, ensuring that properties are not only well-maintained but also optimized for comfort and convenience.

The Accommodating Company

The Accommodating Company is a renowned property management and concierge service provider based in London, UK. Specializing in managing high-end residential properties, they offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to enhance the living experience of their clients.

The Accommodating Company provides a wide range of property management solutions, including regular maintenance, cleaning services, security, and emergency repairs. Their team of experienced professionals ensures that every aspect of property upkeep is handled with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that properties are always in pristine condition.

Selfridges & Co

Selfridges & Co is an iconic luxury department store located on Oxford Street in London, UK. Founded by Harry Gordon Selfridge in 1909, it has since become one of the most renowned retail destinations in the world. The flagship store is celebrated for its distinctive architectural design, expansive layout, and innovative retail experiences.

Selfridges & Co offers an extensive range of high-end products, including designer fashion, beauty, homewares, technology, and gourmet food. The store is known for its carefully curated selections, featuring both established luxury brands and emerging designers. It also frequently hosts exclusive pop-up shops and events, enhancing its reputation as a trendsetter in the retail industry.

My Gym

MyGym London is a leading children’s fitness and development center located in the UK, dedicated to promoting physical activity and healthy lifestyles among young children. Known for its innovative programs and engaging activities, MyGym London provides a fun and nurturing environment where children can develop essential motor skills, coordination, and confidence.

The center offers a wide range of classes designed for various age groups, from infants to pre-teens. These classes include gymnastics, dance, sports skills, and interactive play, all structured to support the physical, cognitive, and social development of children. MyGym’s curriculum is crafted by experts in child development, ensuring that each activity is both educational and enjoyable.

Marie Chantal

Marie-Chantal Hinote is a distinguished figure in London’s luxury fashion scene, known for her eponymous brand that specializes in high-end children’s clothing. Her brand, Marie-Chantal, was established with a vision to create elegant, timeless, and playful apparel for children. The collection features beautifully designed pieces that combine traditional craftsmanship with modern aesthetics, catering to discerning parents who seek quality and style for their little ones.

The London-based brand offers a wide range of products, including clothing, accessories, and baby essentials, all crafted from the finest materials. Each item reflects Marie-Chantal’s commitment to excellence, with intricate details and sophisticated designs that ensure both comfort and durability.

Aesthetics by Lauren

Aesthetic by Lauren is a premier beauty and wellness clinic located in London, UK, renowned for its high-quality aesthetic treatments and personalized care. Founded by Lauren, a highly skilled and experienced aesthetic practitioner, the clinic offers a wide range of services designed to enhance and rejuvenate the skin.

The treatments at Aesthetic by Lauren include advanced procedures such as Botox, dermal fillers, chemical peels, microneedling, and laser therapy. Each treatment plan is tailored to the individual needs and goals of the client, ensuring optimal results and a natural, refreshed appearance.

Aesthetics by Lauren

Statom Group is a construction and engineering firm based in the UK, specializing in delivering high-quality construction projects across various sectors, including residential, commercial, and industrial. The company is known for its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and client satisfaction.

Statom Group provides a wide range of services, from project management and design to construction and maintenance. They emphasize sustainable building practices and cutting-edge technology to ensure efficient and environmentally friendly solutions. With a strong reputation for reliability and excellence, Statom Group has become a trusted partner in the UK construction industry.

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