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The Process of Cleaning Sofas at Clean Expert in Halling, Kent

Cleaning the Sofa in your home is one of the most forgotten about
items in our day-to-day life when it comes to cleaning.

We often leave our sofas, chairs, mattresses, and curtains until they are noticeably dirty or when it is time for “Spring Cleaning” – which means they become a home to unpleasant germs and odors!

This is why we recommend cleaning regularly your home. This is where we come in to help! You can hire professional sofa clean experts like us to clean your home.

Here at Clean Expert we have qualified technicians, quality machinery and products, and we offer competitive rates for an outstanding sofa cleaning job! We take care into scrubbing up your soft furnishings with professional machinery. 

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No disturbance of the work environment
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Professional Sofa Steam Cleaning Services in Halling, ME2

There are two ways that we may use to clean your sofa – dry cleaning or steam cleaning. More often than not, we will steam cleaning to clean your upholstery. We have found that this is a more effective method of sofa cleaning.

Nevertheless, there are certain types of fabric that would require a dry cleaning services.

Our sofa cleaning experts will be able to test which material your sofa is made from, on arrival, by using a special method to determine if something is made from a natural material, a synthetic material, or a mix of both.

They have all passed training courses in this and are all fully insured.  Once our technician has decided which method, equipment, and products they will be using for your sofa cleaning, then they will begin a thorough clean, which will leave all of your upholstery looking sparkling clean, pet stain and odour free.

Experienced Dry Cleaning Sofa Methods Explained- Halling, ME2

If using the dry cleaning method, we will brush a dry cleaning powder into your furniture which will loosen the dust, dirt and grime and then after a while, our cleaning experts will use our powerful vacuum cleaners to hoover up the powder along with any dirt. This is a perfect method where our professionals can clean pet stain & odours from your sofas leaving them nice and clean.

If using the steam clean method, they will use our Prochem Galaxy steam cleaner machine to kill any germs and bacteria and lift any dirt and stains.

What cleaning products we use?

We use different products, with varying pH levels, depending on what your upholstery is made with. It is very important to use the correct products on natural materials or they could cause damage or discolouration.

We only use products that are Eco-Friendly and safe for pets, children and allergy sufferers, so you and your family will be able to stay in the house while we are cleaning your upholstery and enjoy your clean furniture as soon as it is dry. 

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How long does it take to clean all sofas and upholstery?

Exact answer is – it depends. This can take up to about 6 hours, depending on the number of sofas, how dirty they are and how big is the home we are cleaning. Since you rely on our professional cleaning service, we have number of machines including turbo dryers that will speed up the cleaning time to about half an hour, for an additional fee.

We also highly recommend our offer to apply a Scotchgard protector to your sofa. This is a water repellent protector which will deter any spillages from seeping deep into the fabric and it also protects the fabric from dust and dirt.

Certified, Experienced and Insured Sofa Cleaning Technician in Halling

If you would like to stretch out your annual professional clean here are our top tips to keep your sofa spic and span.

Sofas: Vacuum your sofa every three to six months, this will lift any dead skin cells off the surface and prevent them going deeper into the sofa. You should also change your bedding every two weeks and always use a sofa protecter, which should be washed, on a hot wash, roughly once every two months.

Best Sofa Cleaning Prices in Halling, ME2, Kent

Sofas should be regularly washed, you can put most nest in the washing machine. Our top tip is to pop them in with a powder to make your whites whiter. You can then hang them on the washing line to dry, being careful not to hang them in a way they will crease, and they will dry extremely quickly.

With your actual sofa, you will need to refer the manufacturer’s instructions. Some, you are able to put in the washing machine, but you do not want them to lose their shape so it may best to leave them for us.

Sofas, Curtains, armchairs, and dining chairs: These all need regularly vacuuming and stains kept on top of by quickly mopping up any spillages with a clean cloth or kitchen towel (never scrub as this cause the spillage to seep deeper into the material, which can cause long lasting stains). 

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Sofa Cleaning Halling, ME2, Kent Prices

Upholstery Cleaning Service Standard Service Expert Service*
Two Seater Sofa 66 106
Three Seater Sofa 86 126
Four Seater Sofa 106 146
Five Seater Sofa ask for price ask for price

Stain Sofa Removal Service in Halling, ME2

Please feel free to give us a call today for a quote or to book in your sofa cleaning – we can come to clean any item on its own, all of your sofa, or we also offer a number of other cleaning services , like carpet cleaning, so it can be part of a bigger clean, including your carpets or anything else you require. Our friendly team are waiting for you call.

Frequently asked questions?

Foam and Solvent are two different types of products, they are used when the type of fabric allows it. Both the foam and solvent should be left for a few minutes in order for them to take effect. Foam is removed from the furnishing with a special vacuum cleaner, while solvent technicians use specific distinct cleaning brushes to rub it.

Leather upholstery cleaning includes:

  • Тhorough inspection of the item in order to determine its condition and how best to clean the upholstery you have in mind.
  • Then the technician will move on to the test step. He will put a little non-visible patch of the leather (for example under the sitting cushion) to see exactly how the product works on the leather.
  • The technician will then apply a foam leather cleaner all over the fabric. It will effectively absorb filthiness in minutes.
  • Then the cleaning specialist will remove the foam mixture from the leather
  • He/She will use a mop at the final stage
  • When the Upholstery is perfectly clean the technician will apply rejuvenation products to keep the leather healthy and cleaner for longer.
If you want to maintain a healthy home, your furniture should be professionally cleaned once or twice a year. If you have children or pets, it is best to clean your furnishing even more often. Babies that are on the verge of starting to walk can try to go anywhere and use their hands for everything, so it is a good tip to keep your house as clean as possible during this time.
We remove stains from any type of fabric. The products we used have proven their top-quality. We have 25 years of experience in the industry. If we recommend using a product for your upholstery, there is probably no better detergent in the market. However, we can’t guarantee that every stain can be removed before one of our specialists sees it. Not to worry, the technicians at Clean Expert will never disappoint and will always give you proper advice on the case.
Here are most of the synthetic and natural fabrics out there:
COMMON SYNTHETIC FIBRES: Nylon, Acrylic, Polyester, Polypropylene, Rayon. COMMON NATURAL FIBRES: Wool, Sisal, Jute, Cotton, Coir, Velvet, Bamboo.
Check the label of your property if you are not sure what type of fabric you own.

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