What is scotchgard protection and how it prevents stains?

In this article we are going to explain what scotchgard protection is and how it prevents stains. After you read this article we are sure that you will immediately want to try scotchguard protection because this thing is amazing! When you start using this product your life will be so much easier. Everyone knows that regular cleaning is essential for a healthy home but when you have a stain and water repellent the whole cleaning process can be much faster. 

Scotchgard is part of a group of chemicals called surfactants, which means that its particles immediately seek the surface of whatever it comes in contact with. These particles help to keep staining substances from binding with the material and creating a permanent stain.

The anti-stain treatment with Scotchgard is a quick but highly effective process in which an invisible coating is applied over your carpet, upholstery, or other item’s surface that you wish to protect from dirt. Once the fabric is dry to the touch, the anti-stain layer starts to work, preventing spillages from penetrating the surface of the household item.

Where can you use Scotchgard protection?

This kind of protection can be applied to many things in your home. The scotchguard protection is ideal for all household items like curtains, pillows, upholstery, table linens, mattresses, and more. It is safe to use even on the most delicate or dry-clean-only fabrics like wool or silk, and it doesn’t impede the breathability of the fabric. However not every fabric can withstand the protection so if you are not sure whether it is suitable or not just give us a call or get a free quote and we will gladly consult you. 

How are the protectors designed? 

Scotchgard Protectors are designed to bond to the fibres they’re applied to. That is why they don’t form a hard coat of any kind on the surface of fabrics. The particles in this treatment are extremely small and that is why they can coat the carpet, upholstery, mattress and still leave them feeling soft to the touch. In this sense this treatment is very appealing, since it can be considered largely invisible.

Benefits of Scotchgard protection

Of course there are some pros and cons when it comes to using scotchgard protection but now we want to tell you all the great benefits it has. 

Its invisible

The first great thing about this kind of protection is that it is invisible. You should no longer cover with blankets and worry about spilling wine on your couch. The scotchgard protection creates an invisible barrier which prevents your upholstery, carpet, or wherever you applied it from getting dirty. 

It prolongs the life of long term investments

You should also choose to apply scotchgard protection to prolong the life of your long term investments. Many people choose to buy expensive upholstery or carpets in order to use them for many years. Scotchgard protection will keep dirt, and spills away from getting into the fabric of your brand new couch or expensive and comfortable mattress. 

It is safe for everyone 

The materials we use when we apply the scotchgard protection are absolutely safe for you, your family, and your pets. Not only when we apply them, but when you continue using your furniture you won’t be harmed by it. 

Scotchgard is highly effective

One of the benefits of scotchgard protection is the water repellent that leaves no smell but is highly effective. You can apply it to multiple things and the effect is very durable. Don’t worry that your fabric will have a different smell from the products. We use professional equipment and apply everything ourselves. 

Scotchgard protection will keep dirt and spills away as it is a layer covering your favric

It will protect dirt from getting into the fabric of your brand new couch or an expensive and comfortable mattress.

At Clean Expert, we have years of experience with scothgard protection and will be glad to help anyone who wants to protect his upholstery, carpet, mattress or anything else. You can call us at any time as we work 24/7.

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