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Cleaning your windows can be a real hassle, luckily you don’t have to worry about it anymore! Clean Expert offers the highest quality professional window cleaning in London. Our trained experts will do all the work for you and ensure your windows look spotless! 

CarpetCleaningServicesNo streaks, no droplets, using only purified water

CarpetCleaningServicesWater-fed pole system; low risk of damage

CarpetCleaningServicesQuick and easy booking process

CarpetCleaningServicesSome of the most competitive prices in London

CarpetCleaningServicesSame Day Booking

CarpetCleaningServicesChild & Pet safe detergents

CarpetCleaningServicesNon-toxic products

CarpetCleaningServices100% Satisfaction


Professional window Cleaning by Clean Expert

We know how difficult and time-consuming it can be to regularly clean your windows. This is why CleanExpert offers reliable and trustworthy pure water window cleaning services that will do the work for you! 

We’ve made our booking process as simple as possible so you don’t have to waste any of your precious time. Quickly get in touch with us to set up an appointment and let us do the rest. 

We focus on two things: quality and punctuality. Our team of qualified professionals will arrive on time and finish the job as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

our pure water window cleaning process

Step 1:

After you book an appointment our cleaning team will arrive at your location in a van equipped with purified water tanks and all of the necessary equipment. Upon arrival, our professionals will inspect the property and begin the cleaning process. 

Step 2:

Our team uses the water-fed pole system which allows them to safely and quickly clean your windows from the ground level. Purified water is pumped up and onto your window in order to clean it from dirt and guarantee that no streaks and droplets will be left behind. 

Step 3: 

Our professionals scrub off any remaining dirt using the brushes at the end of the pole and spray more purified water to ensure that your windows are left spotless. After that, the windows are left to dry naturally.

Step 4:

If the client chooses, our team can also enter the building and clean the windows from the inside as well.


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Short Pair Of Curtains 33 43 86
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Frequently Asked Questions? 

The time our team will spend on-site depends on the number of windows and their current condition.

  • Water-fed pole systems are a great innovation that has changed the window cleaning market in recent years. It is essentially a long extendable pole equipped with water jets and brushes. The pole allows for our team to reach areas that are much higher without the use of ladders. The brushes are used to lift and scrape any dirt off the glass while the water jets pump purified water which cleans the surface without any marks.

No, as long as you talk to our team and arrange everything in advance our team can clean your windows without you being present.

  • No, our team will arrive in a van equipped with a tank of purified water.

  • Our professionals don’t use any detergents. We only use purified water which doesn’t leave behind any streaks or drops of water. 

  • Usually yes, but it all depends on how severe the weather is. Our experts will usually determine the best solution on the spot and give you a call if your booking needs to be rescheduled.

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